VIRAL VIDEO Prithvi Shaw Got Attacked For Denying Selfie

Prithvi Shaw, one of the country’s best ever cricket talents, was attacked in Mumbai after he refused to take a selfie at a five-star hotel, according to reports. Police charged eight people with attacking Shaw’s friend’s car. A viral video that shows Shaw involved in a physical altercation with the defendants is going viral on social media platforms. One of the accused has been identified as Instagram model Sapna Gill.

According to the complaint filed by Prithvi Shaw’s friend, Ashish Surendra Yadav, the accused followed the vehicle and used false statements to get money from them. Prithvi Shaw reportedly went to a five-star hotel in Santa Cruz, Mumbai for dinner. The unidentified accused came to Prithvi Shaw’s desk and insisted on giving a selfie. Reports suggest that Prithvi Shaw agreed to take a selfie with two other people and the accused joined the group to get a selfie with Shaw. However, the cricketer also refused selfies this time.

Prithvi Shaw’s friend called the manager and complained about them when they kept insisting that Shaw be photographed. The manager told the defendants to leave the hotel. Angered by this treatment of Prithvi Shaw and the restaurant management, they decided to destroy Shaw’s property.

Prithvi Shaw Got Attacked For Denying Selfie


They waited outside the hotel with baseball bats and smashed the back and rear windows of Prithvi Shaw’s friend’s car. Police officials said they are investigating the matter. A case has been registered against the accused under sections 384, 143, 148, 149, 427, 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code.

A video of part of the fight was released on social media platforms. The footage shows one of the eight accused attacking Prithvi, his friend in the car or Prithvia’s friend. Ashish Yadav and Prithvi Shaw have been together for three years in Bandra and the first said he was running a cafe. Yadav saw three motorcycles and a white car chasing their vehicle. At around 4am, his followers attacked his car as he was turning near a petrol station on Link Road. One of them slammed the baseball bat into the windshield, which shattered immediately.

The six people passed by on a motorcycle and two others, including a woman, assaulted Yadav and his companions. After that, Yadav took the car to Oshiwara police station. The eight defendants were also there with them. The accused woman started arguing and threatened Yadav to pay Rs. 50,000 to settle the matter otherwise he will file a false police complaint against them, the police officer said. Further research into this issue is currently underway.